Thinking of Buying and Selling at the same time, why do it the hard way?

Meet Buy Before You Sell by Reali. Sidestep the competition and use Cash to get in-front of the line and land your new home faster than ever before. Then Ivan Larco will help sell your former home for more. With the help of an all-cash offer, there's never been a better way to buy and sell a house at the same time in California.

buy before you sell program

3X Increase in Offer Acceptance Rate

An All-Cash Offers can increase your odds of winning your dream home by 3X.

buy before you sell program

3% Average Savings with All-Cash Offer

Sellers are more likely to accept a Cash Offer over higher, mortgage-backed ones.

buy before you sell program

10 Days to Close with an All-Cash Offer

Forget all the hassle and close your dream home faster with an All-Cash Offer.

How It Works

It's Easier than You Think.

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    1. Get Pre-Approved

    Ivan will contact you to discuss your best loan options and get you formally pre-approved for an All-Cash Offer.

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    2. Find Your New Home

    Ivan will send you new listings, matching your home search criteria and tour your favorite homes with you.

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    3. Win Your Home and Move In

    Once you find the home you like, Reali will place an All-Cash Offer on your behalf.

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    4. Ivan Will Sell Your Former Home

    Ivan will help get your vacant home properly staged and looking its best, obtain multiple offers and sell it for top dollar.

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    5. Buy Your New Home Back

    Last but not least, you'll close on your new home by buying it back from Reali, at the same price you bought it for initially.

WHY CHOOSE a Reali Agent?

Meet Your Reali Certified Agent, Ivan Larco

Finding a real estate agent is easy. But finding a trusted local expert backed by financing tools that unlock the power of your investment is another story. Here's what sets Ivan Larco, a Reali certified agent apart from traditional agents and other online competitors.

The Easy Way: Reali Buy Before You Sell

The Hard Way: Traditional Real Estate

Average Transaction Length

Buy first with a Reali-backed, all-cash offer

Get outbid by other buyers' cash offers and try, try again

Financing & Logistics

One mortgage, one move

Carry two mortgages at once, move twice

Application Process

Completely Online

Half online, half off

Support Model

Dedicated Local Agent & Transaction Coordinator

Support what now?

Chance of Success

Boost your odds 3x with a contingency-free offer

Let's hope your financing contingency doesn't kill the deal

Ready to Bring It Home?

No matter where you're headed, Ivan Larco is here to help unlock the right solution for your homeownership needs. Contact Ivan to discuss how to best put our real estate services to work for you.

Buy Before You Sell: Ready To Bring It Home?

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